Local artists on major or non local labels

(DC) Al Haskins (Sure-Shot)
(DC) 4 Miles High (Calla)
(DC) Billy Stewart (Chess)
(DC) Bonnie & Lee (Fairmont)
(DC) Juju (Strata East)
(DC) Shirley Grant (La Vette)
(MD) Nella Dodds (Wand)
(MD) Jimmy Dotson (Mercury, Volt)
(DC) Dickey Williams (Diamond)
(DC) Linda Griner aka Lyn Roman (Motown, Dot, Mercury, Ichiban, Columbia)
(DC) Rare Essence (Fantasy, London, Mercury)
(DC) Trouble Funk (Island, Sugar Hill)
(DC) EU (Island, Virgin, EMI)
(MD) Future Now (Salsoul)
(DC) George Torrence (Shout, King Tut)
(DC) Jade (Budweiser Showdown)
(DC) Plunky and Oneness of Juju (N.A.M.E., VA)
(DC) Oneness of Juju (Buddah)
(DC) Tenderness (RCA)
(DC) The Impalas (Checker)
(DC) Bobby Taylor (V.I.P., Gordy, Mowest, Sunflower, Tommy, Epic, Philadelphia International, Playboy, Chytowns)
(DC) Dicky/Dickey/Dickie Williams (Ichiban, Diamond, Old Town)
(DC) C-Quents (Essica)
(MD) Janice (4th & Broadway)
(DC) Billy Clark (Dynamo)
(DC) Bobby Thurston (Prelude)
(DC) Gayle Adams (Prelude)
(DC) The Soul Searchers (Sussex)
(DC) Chuck Brown & the Soul Searchers (Source, Rhythm Attack Productions)
(DC) Wee Willie Mason (Jay-Walking, PA)
(DC) Little Royal &/or The Swingmasters (Tri-Us, Tri-It Carnival, King, Flame, Black Pride, Pacemaker, Pesante)
(MD) Demures (Brunswick)
(DC) Milt Matthews (Commonwealth United, Catalyst, Ember, Bryan, H&L, Abbott)
(MD) Curtis Anderson (Brown Bag, Tempre, PA)
(MD) Bernard "Pretty" Purdie (Many Major labels)
(MD) Julius Brockington (Today)
(DC) Intrepids (Cotillion, Columbia)
(DC) Symba (Venture)
(MD) O'donel Levy
(DC) Al Mason (Bunky)
(DC) Bobby Taylor (Motown)
(DC) Destiny (RCA)
(DC) Bobby Parker (Sabu (early DC label), V-Tone, Josie, Vee Jay, Blue Horizon, Blacktop)
(DC) Sammy Fitzhugh (ATCO)
(MD) Darren Green (RCA)
(DC) Dynamic Superiors (Motown)
(DC) Mizax and the Flizaps (ABC)
(DC) 100 Years Time (Merrecca, (NY & DC))
(DC) B. T. (Brenda Taylor) (Westend)
(DC) Stan Ivory (Optimist, Tese, Total Control, TX)
(MD) Lawrence and The Arabians (Shout)
(DC) Leroy Taylor (Brunswick)
(DC) Nia Johnson (Mainstream, AVCO)
(MD) Persians (Capitol, ABC)
(DC) Unifics (Kapp, Fountain)
(MD) Act I (Spring)
(DC) True Reflection (ATCO)
(DC) Ureaus (Excello)
(MD) Rain (H&L)
(DC) JJ&G (Atlantic)
(DC) Stridells (Curtom)
(MD) Little Hooks & The Kings (Enjay)
(MD) Brockingtons (Today)
(MD) Grand Jury (RCA, IX Chains, PA)
(MD) Upsetters (ABC, Rhapsody)
(DC) Carltons (ARGO)
(DC) Al Johnson (Marina, Columbia)
(DC) JM's Funk Factory (Saluda, SC)
(DC) Brother And Sisters Of Soul (Duke)
(MD) Madhouse (Today)
(DC) Larry Ellis and the Black Hammer (Al King, Playboy, Moondog, NY)
(DC) Larry Ellis, also as part of Anubis (Glodis, Cookin', Gramery, Sound of Black Feeling)
(DC) Black Heat (Atlantic)
(DC) Jay Wiggins (IPG, Amy)
(DC) Barney "Blair" Perry (Although from NY, Barney played with the Blackbyrds prior to releasing a solo LP) (Solar Sound, NY)
(MD) Young Vandals (T-Neck)
(DC) 95th Congress (Sussex, promo only)
(DC) Eddie Daye (Shelly, Falew, Flying Hawk, All Were NY Labels)
(DC) Phil Flowers (Dot, A&M, Josie, Sway, Wing, Hollywood)
(MD) Fabulous Shalimars (Cotillion)
(MD) The Best of Both Worlds (Calla)
(DC) Jungle Rock (Sound Gems, PA)
(MD) George Jackson (Double R, Cameo-Parkway, Mercury)
(MD) First Class (Today, Ebony Sounds, All Platinum)
(MD) Dynamic Corvettes (ABET)
(MD) Impact (ATCO, Fantasy)
(MD) Man's Theory (MCA)
(MD) Frankie & The Spindles (Gamble, TSOP)
(DC) Skip Mahoaney and the Casuals (ABET)
(DC) The Choice Four (RCA)
(MD) Kenny Hamber (Arctic, Mean, Spar, Zenette, PES, Million Dollar Entertainment, De Jac)
(MD) Starpoint (Chocolate City, Boardwalk, Electra)
(DC) Sir Joe and Free Soul (GSF)
(DC) Sir Joe and the Maidens (Lenox)
(DC) Sir Joe Quarterman (Mercury)
(DC) Winstons (Metromedia, Curtom)
(DC) Trouble Funk (Jam, Jamtu, Sugar Hill, Island, 4th & B'way)
(MD) The Softones (AVCO)
(DC) Osiris (Warner Bros., Marlin)
(MD) Mickey and His Mice (Bell, Samar, NYC)
(DC) Peaches and Herb (Date, Polydor, Sony)
(DC) Eddie Drennon & B.B.S. Unlimited (Friends & Co.)
(DC) Esther Williams (Friends & Co., RCA)
(MD) Tommy Vann & The Echoes (Academy, NYC)
(DC) Destiny (RCA)
(DC) Van McCoy (various solo and production credits, AVCO, Epic, Rock'N (NYC), Liberty, Share, etc.)
(DC) Young Senators (Tamla, as Eddie Kendrick's backing Band)
(DC) Young Senators (Epic, Swami, NYC)
(DC) Central Groove (Vanguard)
(DC) Blackbyrds (Fantasy)
(DC) Clifton Dyson (All-American, Network, Motown)
(DC) Marvin Gaye (Motown, Tamla)
(MD) The Diplomats (Arock, Wand, Minit, Fat Back, Dynamo, they later became the Skull Snaps who recorded on GSF among others)
(MD) Samm Culley Band (Silver Cloud)
(DC) William Devaughn (Roxbury, TEC, HCRC)
(DC) Ascots (M.B.S.)
(DC) Presidents (Sussex, Deluxe, Plum)
(DC) Trilogy (same group as the Presidents) (Sussex)
(DC) Maskman & The Agents (Dynamo, Columbia, Lebby, PA)
(DC) Bethea (Maskman) & The Agents (Dynamo, Smith's, PA)
(DC) Maskman (Dynamo)
(DC) Bethea (& Maskman) (Dynamo)
(DC) Harmon Bethea (Dynamo)
(DC) Chet 'Poison' Ivey (ABC, Sylvia, Gator, ATCO, Arock, NY)
(DC) Chet 'Poison' Ivey and his Fabulous Avengers (Tangerine)
(DC) Anacostia (Tabu)
(MD) Jimmy Briscoe and the Little Beavers (Pi Kappa, Atlantic, J City, Wanderick, Salsoul)
(DC) Fuzz (Calla, Groovey Disc)
(DC) Dreams (Shout)
(DC) Dorells (Atlantic)
(DC) Sedatious Brown (Roulette)
(DC) Sedatrius Brown (MGM, also did gospel & jazz)
(DC) Cashmeres (Ninandy)
(DC) 98.6 (Mercury)
(DC) Lorraine Rudolph aka Lori Rudolph (Tri Phi, Jet Stream) (Relocated singing career to DC after recording the former)
(DC) Terry Huff & Special Delivery (Mainstream)
(DC) Terry Huff (Mainstream)
(DC) Special Delivery (Mainstream, Shield, M&M, Keytone)
(DC) Soul Searchers (Sussex)
(DC) DC Playboys (Arock, NY)
(DC) The Fawns (APT, RCA)
(MD) The Fabulous Shalimars (Rack Records, NY)
(DC/MD) Banbarra (United Artists)
(MD) Sound Experience (Soulville, GSF, Buddah)
(DC) Roberta Flack (Atlantic)
(DC) Anacostia (Columbia, Roulette)
(MD) Ethel Ennis (various, some jazz, some soul)
(DC) DC Blossoms aka Tropicals (Okeh) (1962)
(DC) The Enjoyables (Capitol) (1964)
(DC) Five Miles High (GRT) (1971)
(DC) Brass Rail (Buddah)
(DC) Jewels (Dimension, Dynamite, Other James Brown Related)
(MD) Whatnauts (A&I, Stang, Harlem International Records)
(DC) Wee Willie Mason (Jay-Walking)
(DC) Knight Brothers aka Knight Bros (Chess, Mercury, Checker)
(MD) Wanda Robinson (Today)
(DC) The Moments (ERA, Stang) (pre-1970 group is DC)
(DC) Bobby Sax (ABET)
(MD) Winfield Parker (Arctic, Wand, Spring, GSF)
(DC) Prince Curtis (Chess)
(DC) June Conquest (Curtom, Windy C, Fame)
(DC) Ruby Johnson (Volt, V-Tone, Pledge)
(DC) Khemistry (Columbia)
(DC) Jerome Powell (Parkway)
(DC) Sharon Ridley (Sussex, Phil-La, Tabu)
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